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The After Show Blog

By Emma Russell

In case you missed the coolest news ever, we hosted the first ever LNP Event Forum online conference on the 26th September 2020! This blog is not going to be a complete summary of the day, just some highlights from the day’s segments. If you missed out and want to watch the whole event for yourself it’s available on catchup at


Opening Keynote: Neil Thompson from the Delegate Wranglers

In our first session of the day, Neil Thompson gives the origin story of the Delegate Wranglers, and explains how the beauty of the group is that instead of just simply being for advertising, it’s a place where people recommend each other and give honest suggestions on suppliers, venues and event organisers.

Brad Burton: Session 1

After some minor technical issues involving chaos with laptops (first time’s the charm for an online event!), we had our first session with Brad Burton. He talked about how important it was to seek innovation during these tough times, and how he took the virus seriously and moved his networking online.

“This whole thing will be won on stamina.”

The Future of Exhibitions- Panel Discussion

Our first panel of the day, featuring Jack Saward, Emma Cartmell and Chris Jones. They discuss how people are turning to event organisers and venues for advice due to the lack of information. They emphasised how important it was to keep in touch with your clients and to not cancel but reschedule.

The VR Networking Lunch

This has been described by delegates as “the most bizarre networking lunch ever”. Which means that yes, we will definitely be doing it again.

Smirk Experience with Sam Carrington

Sam Carrington runs through some great tips to help with your public speaking. Including breathing techniques, hand gestures, and the power of eyebrows!

In Conversation with Ninder Johal

Ninder discusses with Paul about his career so far and the story of the hit single Punjabi MC. They talk about how things have changed through the years and how people will see things differently now thanks to Covid.

Women in Events Panel

The second and last panel of the day featured Chloe Prince, Jan Denning and Joan Lind, with Paul being told off for being on his phone during the conference! They discuss the regulations the government has in place, and how the events industry needs to put in extra plans and strategies with an ability to work in a timeframe.

“There are so many new opportunities.”

Brad Burton: Closing Keynote

We round off the day with another session from Brad Burton, who says how we need to be proactive and adapt to the situation, as well as the importance and changing your mentality in order to survive and see the other side.


As the conference came to a close, with some final thanks to our sponsors and guest speakers, we found out that LNP Sound is experiencing a corporate reshuffle, and that the loveable chihuahua Mojo Jojo is now the new CEO! I’m sure he’ll do a great job.

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference. We hope to be able to run another one of these in six months’ time, hopefully with less technical difficulties! If you want to see everything for yourself, check out the catch up link to purchase access.

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