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A Virtual World

Hello and welcome to our website. LNP Sound turned 17 in March of 2020 and is still going strong! Since the Pandemic of Covid-19 first started the events industry has changed dramatically. During this time we have been planning and preparing for the crazy time ahead while also ensuring to be active on all social media and networking groups.

The reason we have been doing this is, as well as keeping in contact with our clients is to show that in these times we are still a fully functional AV business. The only thing that has changed with our business is the way in which we deliver our events. The key reason for communicating on all platforms is to let everyone know that we still exist and have some amazing new services on offer. So even if you don’t see the point in networking at this moment in time it is still worthwhile so show everybody you are open and ready for business. You have got to be seen to be remembered, otherwise you will get left behind.

New product Announcement

Its official, LNP Sound are partners to bring our clients a new product ReAttendence.

ReAttendance is a virtual events platform which can easily host a number of virtual events, including: - Virtual Conference Suites

- Virtual Stadiums

- Virtual Theatre

- Virtual Lecture Halls

- Virtual Meeting Rooms

- Virtual Festivals

- Virtual Expeditions

With ReAttendance you will be able to manage your event branding, control who has access to your event. You can choose what interactions you have, whether that be pre-recorded content, live chat, livestreams, meetings or mass interactions.

For more information or to request a brochure please email –

You can also have a look on our site -

New Support Group for Events Industry Launch

The LNP Sound Event Forum is place where people in the event industry come together and discuss issues during the Covid-19 pandemic. The idea is to help us network together and not only make new contacts but to help and share ideas for people in the events industry. Anybody who works in or supplies to the Events industry is welcome. We have over 170 people currently in the group which was setup in April.

In this group there is an array of podcasts articles, Facebook lives, interviews and a place to ask for help and advice.

We also host weekly Zoom meetings with guest speakers, so if you're interested in joining, here's a link to the group on Facebook:

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