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How We Run Our Social Media During Lockdown

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the events industry, and everybody has felt its effects one way or another. We were left with the realisation that we wouldn’t be running any events for a few months while we waited for restrictions to relax.

One of the biggest things we have made sure to have a handle on during lockdown is our social media. We haven’t had events to promote or mention online, and it’s only recently that we’ve started getting bookings. So, we thought for this blog post we would share some tips on how we’ve made sure to keep our social media presence during this tricky time. We are definitely not the experts, but we hope our ideas may inspire you a little bit!


1. Reminding people of what we do

A lot of the time we like to use our social media to promote the events we’ve done so we can show what kind of services we can offer to our customers and clients. But we’ve had no events to talk about! So, we’ve turned to using our promotional graphics and videos to do that same job. We’ve also taken the opportunity to promote our new services, such as our online events platform and audio editing. It’s important to remind people that even though we are in lockdown, we’ll be able to help people with their events as soon as possible.

2. Throwback to past events

Since we haven’t had any upcoming events, it’s always been good to take a flash to the past and look back at previous events we’ve done. It’s been particularly useful during the summer, when we would usually be doing our outdoor music festivals. It’s also a great way to show people what our past events have looked like. We always make sure to get pictures of what we’ve set up while we’re running the event, and thanks to that, we have a very bulky backlog of photos and videos in folders (which makes it very handy for matching up dates!).

3. Keep people updated

It’s become custom for everyone now to tune in to the government announcements and read up on the latest regulations, but for us especially, it’s been important for us to keep our clients updated through our social media on what bookings we can take, and when our offices can reopen. As we’ve mentioned on our website and our other social media platforms, we have created an online event forum to help other people in the event industry during these uncertain times. One of the great things about this forum has been how we’ve been able to share information, including grants, updates in regulations, and key dates for reopening the industry. Every time there’s been a change, we’ve made sure to edit the pinned post on our platforms to keep people updated about the changes.

4. Talk to your team

Running out of ideas? Brainstorm! Even if we’re limited by Zoom calls, it’s always good to talk to your team and see what ideas they have on what to post and what to focus on. We have daily Zoom calls and it’s always a great way to throw around ideas and to work out what new ideas you can get started on.


We hope that this advice helps you a little bit with your social media! It’s important, especially now, that we all share out a little bit of advice here and there and help each other. Hopefully now that events can start up again, we can get back to doing what we do best!

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