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Languages International is a specialist in event and conference interpretation. We offer a comprehensive language solution with capacity and capability for large international conferences whilst maintaining a tailor-made approach towards cost-effective solutions for local events and seminars. Our ability to provide both interpreters and associated equipment removes the language barriers for international gatherings and multilingual events. Our equipment employs the latest technology and can be configured for any size or type of event. Our staff are highly trained and efficient in delivering a complete interpreting service. Plenary and satellite gatherings can be managed effectively allowing delegates to get the benefit of clear communication in their native language.

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Interpreters (Spoken Word) and Translators (Written Word)

Consecutive Interpreting is a “relay” exchange suited to one-to-one meetings or smaller networking events, and Simultaneous Interpreting is the synchronised listening in one language and speaking in another. Event interpreting is usually simultaneous, and done from soundproof booths with a view of the speaker or remotely with the aid of a visual feed.  Listening to the speaker over headphones, the linguist will interpret from one language to another into a microphone. This is a skilled profession which requires a high level of technical competence. Languages International provide technicians to setup and manage the interpreting elements of each event. Our technicians ensure seamless communication of your message, to the satisfaction of your delegates.
We utilise a core of highly skilled translators from our overall resource of nearly 14,000 linguists worldwide, we ensure that your written projects are transposed accurately into target languages, and in the best way to transcend cultures.


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Total Event Language Support (Live and Virtual)

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