International Ladies Day (w/ HeadzUpBusiness)

International Ladies Day (w/ HeadzUpBusiness)


We provided didn’t things for this event to make sure it was a success… here is an overview of what happened:

International Women’s Week is annually held in March to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. Headz Up Business has hosted the women’s conference exclusively since 2012 and organises the event the nearest Friday to the official date in March. We are delighted that this event has become one of the MUST attend event for women in business/professionals and its popularity has seen the conference SOLD OUT, over the last few years. The main focus of the event is to bring together the regions women business owners, corporates, entrepreneurs professionals, leading educators to provide and encourage business opportunities by networking with each other. In addition we encourage business growth by providing a number of leading motivational & inspirational women business speakers to share business success. The event attracts business women from ALL backgrounds, industries and levels. We are not a membership organisation and we welcome anyone who wants to come a long, enjoy the programme of speakers and network! The event attracts business women from ALL backgrounds, industries and levels. (Details of the sponsors, speakers will be revealed over the next few months.

The Guest Speakers:

Sally Arkley: The Women’s Economy

Sara Pritchard: FYI Families

Desi Koleva: Berlitos Logo – Kiddichef Logo

Estelle Johannes: CompTIA UK Channel Community

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