Best Of Awards 2016

A long year – a lot of hard work from all of the team and in the end it all paid off but let’s tell you how the awards went.

The competition roughly had 30 days to run and we were sat on 27 Reviews give or take – with two other businesses sitting bellow us on 23 and 17 again give or take.

We had a really strong start gradually gaining reviews – with about 15 days left we had 80 reviews and we were clearly ahead – it looked very positive, we were 1st in our business category and placed in the top 100 Businesses in the United Kingdom and Top 20 Businesses in Walsall.

“We are doing well but if they have cards to hand in, it might be a lot closer than what the leaderboard says” – Paul Spicer.

And Paul was indeed correct a week before closing the other business over took us and was in front by a good 40 reviews and honestly it was looking like it was going to slip through the palm of our hands.

The Leaderboards went of with us behind and 24 hours left…

I was in the office (Jack) and Paul phoned me saying:

“Have you heard? We won the Best Business in our Category, Came 2nd in the Best Business in Walsall AND we have came 10th in the Top 100 Businesses in the UK for the first time ever”

SUCCESS.. We would like to thank absolutely everybody who helped us achieve such great things we can not thank you enough.

Now for another year and more hard work to better the results.

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